Property Tax

Private property and businesses in University Place are levied a property tax which is collected in two installments in April and October of each year. The 2021 property tax rate averages $13.3550 per $1,000 of assessed value and may vary based on individual taxing districts (based on the University Place School District, the largest in the City of University Place).

University Place receives approximately 7.1% of the property taxes paid by University Place residents or $0.8795 per $1,000.00 of assessed value. The city’s portion pays for University Place’s general operations including police, public works, and parks services. The remaining 92.9% is distributed between Washington State, Pierce County, the Port of Tacoma, flood control services, emergency medical services, school districts, rural libraries, Sound Transit (ST3) and fire district.

2021 Total Property Tax Per $1,000 Assessed Value

U.P. School District $4.6587
Fire District/EMS $2.9905
State of Washington $2.9347
County $1.0851
City of U.P. (Dedicated to Police) $0.8795
Library $0.4362
Regional Transit $0.1971
Port $0.1732
Total per Assessed Value $13.3550

Where do my property taxes go?

Dollar Bill

Tax Rate per $1,000 Assessed Value 1995-2021:

City Tax Rate graph for 1995 to 2021 (JPEG)

Average Homeowner's Local Government Property Tax Bill

Graphic showing Average Homeowners Local Government Property Tax Bill (JPEG)

Average Assessed Value and Property Taxes Paid

Graph showing an Average Assessed Values since 1995 (JPEG)