The Police Business Office will be closed to walk in assistance from February 19th - March 4th. Please use the non-emergency number or 911 if you need to report a crime.

The City of University Place has contracted with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for police services since its incorporation in 1995.

The City of University Place has a small town feel while still boasting a population of over 35,000 residents and a growing business community. The University Place Police Department (UPPD) embraces a community policing philosophy through its daily interactions with citizens, and ongoing partnerships with community groups and businesses. The UPPD offers a variety of public safety classes and crime prevention programming to help foster the relationship between police and the community.

Team Members

The University Place Police Department (UPPD) is comprised of a team of deputies assigned to the City to provide 24/7 police services. Currently, the team consists of 14 Deputies, 1 Sergeant, and 1 Chief.

Crime Prevention

The prevention of crimes is a primary focus and goal of the University Place Police. It is when crimes are prevented that society is best served. The University Place Police have several measures in place to help citizens and businesses to determine their risks and take measures to prevent crime.

Police Blotter

View current Public Safety-related activity, updated every two weeks, on the Police Blotter page.