Animal Control

The City of University Place contracts with Pierce County Animal Control for their services.

Pierce County Animal Control responds to all domestic animal calls including:

  • Lost or stray animals
  • Found or injured animals
  • Aggressive animals
  • Abused animals
  • Animal bites
  • Barking dogs
  • Leash law violations

Lost Pets

Visit Pierce County Animal Control Lost and Found Pets or call the Pierce County Humane Society at 253.383.2733 and then "press 1". Found pets are also listed on the The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County website.

Barking Dog Complaint Procedure

If you have a barking dog problem in your neighborhood, and you have already discussed the problem with the dog owners and the nuisance barking has not subsided, please call Pierce County Animal Control at 253.798.7387.
You may also fill out the Nuisance Animal Affidavit Form (DOC), but you must contact 253.798.7387 to register your complaint and to get a case number before this form can be filed.

Deceased Animals

To report deceased animals on roadway or City right-of-way, contact Public Works at 253.460.6493.

Wild Animals & Animal Control

Pierce County Animal Control Officers do not handle wild animals. Coyotes, opossums, and raccoons are just some of the many wildlife becoming more visible now that we are building structures in their natural habitat. If you encounter one of these wild animals please call the Department of Fish and Wildlife at 877.933.9847.
If you find a wild animal that you suspect may be injured, please contact the PAWS Wildlife Center at 425.787.2500 ext. 817. The Sarvey Wildlife Center is also available for assistance. Their phone number is 360.435.4817. Please visit their website to see if they can assist you.