Sales Tax

The Local Sales and Use Tax Rate of 10.0%.

Effective July 1, 2021, local sales and use tax within Pierce County, except for Tacoma, increased one-tenth of one percent (.001). The tax will be used for chemical dependency or mental health purposes. 

In November 2016, regional voters approved the Sound Transit 3 (ST3) ballot measure which would expand the regional public transit system. The ST3 sales and use tax rate of 0.50% was effective April 1, 2017, bringing the total sales and use tax rate for Sound Transit to 1.40%.

The City of University Place received 0.84% of the 10.0% sales tax collected in the City. The breakdown of the 10.0% sales tax rate is as follows:

Agency Rate
City of University Place* 0.84%
Pierce County 0.15%
Pierce Transit 0.60%
Sound Transit 1.40%
Pierce County Juvenile Facilities 0.10%
Zoo/Parks 0.10%
South Sound 911 0.10%
Criminal Justice 0.10%
State of Washington 6.51%
Pierce County Mental Health & Chemical Dependency 0.10%
Total 10.0%