Shoreline Restoration Plan

The Shoreline Master Program (SM)P guidelines require that local governments develop SMP policies that promote “restoration” of impaired shoreline ecological functions. In developing restoration strategies, local governments are directed to make “real and meaningful” use of established policies and programs that contribute to restoration objectives.
The City’s Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report (ICR) (ESA Adolfson, 2011) identifies where shoreline ecological functions and ecosystem processes have been impaired. In updating its SMP, the City was required to identify and plan for ways to restore or enhance those functions and processes that have been impaired. In the context of the SMP, planning for shoreline restoration includes establishing goals and policies, working cooperatively with other regional entities, and supporting restoration through other regulatory and non-regulatory programs.
View the Shoreline Restoration Plan Element (July 2012) (PDF)
The restoration opportunities discussed in this report are provided at a conceptual level for planning purposes only. Restoration within the shoreline would be accomplished on a voluntary basis as funding becomes available.