Shoreline Goals, Policies & Regulations

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) represents University Place shoreline goals, policies and regulations that are based on the governing principles in the Shoreline Master Program Guidelines, WAC 173-26-186 and the policy statement of RCW 90.58.020.
View the adopted March 16, 2015 SMP (PDF).

In addition, the City Council has adopted the following amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations to ensure consistency with the SMP.

Chapter Summaries

18.05 Introduction

Summarizes the purpose and intent of the SMP, its governing principles, its applicability, and relationship to other plans and regulations including the City's comprehensive plan and municipal code (specifically including critical areas regulations), and SEPA.

18.10 Definitions

Provides definitions for specific terms and concepts used in the SMP, some of which are taken directly from WAC 173-26-010 to ensure consistency.

18.15 Administration

Describes the administrative procedures used to process permits, including shoreline substantial development permits, variances, and conditional use permits. It provides for the regulation of nonconforming development and identifies penalties and enforcement actions for noncompliance.

18.20 Shoreline Jurisdiction & Designations

Establishes the City’s authority over specific 'shorelines of the state' and delineates five distinctive shoreline environments in University Place. These are: Marine Deepwater, Natural, Urban Conservancy, Shoreline Residential, and Day Island Medium Intensity. The purpose, designation criteria, and general management policies are provided for each environment.

18.25 General Policies & Regulations

Establishes general policies and regulations that will apply to all uses, developments, and activities in the shoreline areas of the City. General policies and regulations are broken into different topic headings, such as vegetation conservation and view protection. The intent is to apply these provisions to all environments, as well as to particular shoreline uses and activities. These policies and regulations are to be used in conjunction with the more specific policies and regulations in chapters 18.30 and 18.35.

18.30 Shoreline Use Policies & Regulations

Establishes policies and regulations for specific uses and types of development that commonly occur within University Place’s shoreline jurisdiction. These include boating facilities, and commercial, recreational, and residential uses, among others. Table 18.30 A provides a generalized summary of the uses permitted (and prohibited) within each shoreline environment. Table 18.30 B summarizes proposed development standards such as maximum building height, density, lot coverage (impervious surface coverage), and building/structure setbacks from the OHWM.

18.35 Shoreline Modifications

Establishes policies and regulations governing shoreline modifications such as dikes, breakwaters, piers, docks, weirs, fill, bulkheads, or other actions such as clearing and grading. The chapter establishes preferences for modifications that have a lesser impact on ecological functions (e.g., soft armoring versus hard armoring), where feasible. Table 18.35 lists the types of modification allowed in each shoreline environment and whether they are permitted uses or subject to Conditional Use Permit approval.