Surface Water Management Fee Credit

University Place now offers a new Surface Water Management Fee Credit. 

Reducing Runoff

Property owners in University Place can now improve their bottom line when working to provide clean water to our streams and waterways. Rain water running along the surfaces of lawns, driveways, and streets carries pollutants from fertilizers, pet waste, and motor vehicles into storm drains and our local waterways. Many property owners have wanted to do their part to reduce the impact of this runoff, but such improvements can be costly. New rules are now in place to help property owners with this cost.

Reduction in Surface Water Management Fees

Recently, City Council passed a new regulation that offers up to a 75% reduction in surface water management fees to property owners who build facilities that lessen the impact of storm drainage runoff to public waterways and storm drains. The amount of the fee reduction is based on the magnitude of benefit to the public waters and storm drainage systems. 

More Information

If you are interested in more information on this new program, email Todd Smith in the City's Engineering Department or call 253.460.5432.