Technical Review Committee Meeting

Don't wait to submit that complete set of plans! 

The Planning and Development Services (P&DS) Department staff would much prefer to work with you early in the development of a project, consulting on code issues and avoiding problem situations. 

Weekly Meetings

The P&DS Department offers weekly Technical Review Committee (TRC) meetings free of charge to discuss your project, answer questions and highlight code issues. A TRC meeting is an opportunity for developers and their representatives to meet with staff to discuss preliminary studies or sketches of a proposed project. The intent is to identify and/or eliminate as many potential problems as possible in order for the project to be processed without delay. 

Review Requirements

Eight copies of the application, site map, conceptual plan, and other documentation pertinent to the project must be submitted to P&DS by 4 p.m. Wednesday for a meeting the following Wednesday afternoon. 

What to Expect

At the meeting, staff will provide information relating to land use, site development (engineering), building, fire, and permitting for your proposed project.

More Information

Visit our Applications and Forms page for the TRC application form. For questions, email Lindsay Wills, Permit Manager, or call 253.460.2509.