What does a Housing Action Toolkit include?

The Housing Action Toolkit includes the following considerations and steps:

  • Quantify existing and projected housing needs for all income levels, including extremely low-income households, with documentation of housing and household characteristics, and cost-burdened households.
  • Develop strategies to increase the supply of housing, and variety of housing types.
  • Analyze population and employment trends.
  • Consider strategies to minimize displacement of low-income residents resulting from redevelopment.
  • Review and evaluate the current housing element adopted pursuant to RCW 36.70A.070, including an evaluation of success in attaining planned housing types and units, achievement of goals and policies, and implementation of the schedule of programs and actions.
  • Provide for participation and input from community members, community groups, local builders, local realtors, nonprofit housing advocates, and local religious groups.
  • Include a schedule of programs and actions to implement the recommendations of the housing action plan.

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1. What is the Housing Action Toolkit?
2. What does a Housing Action Toolkit include?
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