27th Street Business District

Welcome to the 27th Street Business District!

27th Street serves as the home of over 130 businesses in University Place. It also provides a link to the area’s past, having been a major commercial corridor for the region in previous years. Although still a major east/west thoroughfare, you will find a hometown feel here, a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Bridgeport Way, welcoming and open for business!

27th Street Business District Association

The 27th Street Business District Association has been formed to encourage owners of businesses located along 27th Street to address common concerns and affect positive change for an economically vibrant business district that encourages neighborhood friendly businesses along the 27th Street commercial corridor from Grandview to 67th Avenue West.

Please check back for current information. For specific questions regarding the 27th Street Business Association, please email the Economic Development Office or call 253.566.5656.

27th Street Business Directory

27th Street merchants are open for business and ready to serve you!

Shopping local is a smart move—it keeps taxes invested in your local community, providing support for the services you depend on, and helps support the local business community, which in turn creates a vibrant and enjoyable community in which to live, work and play!

View the listing of businesses located along 27th Street, and check back for new information.