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Posted on: August 31, 2023

Puget Sound Needs Us

Words saying September is Puget Sound Starts Here Month on a light blue background

The words Puget Sound Starts Here on a white backgroundPuget Sound Starts Here is a nonprofit campaign that includes federal, state and local governments, tribes, nonprofit organizations and businesses in a collective effort to protect the waters of Puget Sound.

September is Puget Sound Starts Here Month and a good time to remember that what we drive on land can have a significant impact on the waters of Puget Sound. Please take some time to take three small steps that will have a big impact on water quality:

  • Check your vehicles’ tires: As we drive, our tires wear down, leaving tiny bits of tire behind on our roads. The chemicals in the tire bits are toxic to fish. When it rains, the runoff picks up the tire bits and carries them into storm drains and our waterways. If your tires are worn, they are a hazard to you—and water life.
  • Wash wisely: When you wash your own car, the rinse water contains harmful pollutants like oil, grease, heavy metals and soaps that can flow untreated into our local waterways. Commercial car washes, both tunnels and bays, are required to treat their dirty wash water. If you can’t use a commercial car wash, give your car a bath on the grass, which will soak up the wash water and prevent it from running into a storm drain.
  • Don't drip and drive: Oil and other petroleum products can be toxic to people, wildlife, plants and water life. Regularly check your vehicle for leaks and get them fixed promptly so the fluids don’t get washed into storm drains. When changing your motor oil, dispose of used oil by bringing it to your local auto shop for recycling. Call or visit 1-800-RECYCLE to find a location near you.

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