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The most recent significant public safety activity in University Place is shared below. 

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Sep 06

September 6, 2023 Update

Posted on September 6, 2023 at 2:35 PM by Public Relations

Highlighted Incidents

Incident: Shoplifting and Weapons Violation – Location: 3800 Bridgeport Wy W

Officers were working a Shoplifting Emphasis when they were notified by Safeway of an in-progress theft. The suspect fled on foot as officers arrived. He was taken into custody moments later in a nearby apartment complex. The stored recovered $181.82 worth of unpaid merchandise. The arrestee was booked into the Pierce County Jail. 

While working the same Shoplifting Emphasis, an officer later located an unoccupied suspicious vehicle. The officer noticed damage to the vehicle which indicated it may have been stolen. Through their investigation, officers learned the vehicle was stolen and was being operated by the previously arrested shoplifter. A search warrant was later served, and a rifle and ammunition were located in the vehicle.  

Incident: Aggravated Assault – Location: 8800 35th St W

Officers responded to a report of an assault involving a baseball bat. Officers contacted the victim and suspect near the victim’s vehicle. The victim had been struck with a bat and multiple car windows had been smashed by the suspect. The suspect fled on foot and was pursued by officers. He was taken into custody moments later. The arrestee was transported and booked into the Pierce County Jail.  

Incident: Warrant Arrest – Location: 7500 44th St W

Officers were patrolling the area when they observed a parked vehicle. They were able to identify the occupant and discovered he had a felony warrant for Burglary, Theft, and Malicious Mischief. Officers contacted the individual and placed him in custody without issue. The arrestee was transported to the Pierce County Jail where he was declined for medical reasons. An officer drove the arrestee to a local hospital so he could receive treatment.  

Incident: Vehicle Recovery and Weapons Violation – Location: 7400 Cirque Dr W

Officers responded to a possible shoplift. They arrived and located a related Kia. The vehicle did not display plates and had a broken window. They believed, and later confirmed, the vehicle was stolen. The driver of the vehicle exited the store and was arrested. One of the occupants of the stolen vehicle was detained. Officers discovered he had a loaded firearm concealed near his hip. The individual was a convicted felon and not able to possess a firearm. The driver and passenger were booked into the Pierce County Jail. An additional passenger in the vehicle was contacted but not arrested. The vehicle was towed from the Walgreens parking lot.  

News and Upcoming Events

University Place Police Department is running a ‘Back to School’ Traffic Emphasis this week! With the start of school, we see more buses on our streets along with an increase in kids/pedestrians on roadways.

UPPD is asking drivers to:

  • Buckle-up.
  • Put your phone away!
  • Slow down. 
  • Stay alert, specifically for children near or crossing the street. 
  • Lower your speed to 20 MPH in school zones, even when not required ??

Let’s make traffic safety a priority all the time!  

Current Activity Report

University Place Police Activity for the Period of 8/21/2023 through 9/3/2023

Violent Crimes

Property Crimes

Murder00Vehicle Theft73
Robbery00.6Vehicle Prowl49
Aggravated Assault21.8Theft1413.4
Sexual Assault11.4Burglary22.4


All Total Reported Incidents (including those not listed above)6973.6

Selected Calls for Service

Welfare Checks7028.6
Suspicious Activity1518.2
Unwanted Persons1412.8
Total Calls for Service

Trend is based on five-year average for incidents over a two-week period.