COVID-19 Public Safety Information

Current Updates

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the police department doors will be closed to the public. We will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Ways to conduct business are listed on the Police Department page. Please check back for updates on closure.

COVID-19 Response

The University Place Police Department is conducting normal operations with some adjustments. Officers are encouraged to handle calls for service by phone when appropriate. If officers respond to a residence for a call, we are asking residents to meet with officers outside, when possible, to help maintain social distancing.

Online Crime Reporting

University Place Police has expanded the types of crimes that you will be able to report online. This is being done to help reduce the face-to-face contact during the COVID-19 crisis.

Visit the Online Reporting System terms page which outlines what crimes and circumstances allow for online reporting. As always, if you prefer officer contact, you should call the non-emergency number at 253.798.4721 and request officer contact for the report.

Governor’s Executive Orders

The University Place Police Department (UPPD) is not conducting active patrols or investigations on potential violations of the Governor’s Stay at Home order or Social Distancing directive.

The Governor’s Office has set up an online reporting system for citizens to report businesses who they suspect are violating the order.

If you are a business owner and are not sure if you qualify as an Essential Business, we recommend you review the Governor’s website.

Our primary goal is to help educate the public on the provisions of the orders. We recognize these are difficult times for everyone and the provisions of the orders can be challenging.

UPPD officers typically will not respond to complaints about individuals violating the order unless the situation requires a police response for other reasons.