What are you leaving in your car when you leave it?

A message from your University Place Police

Since Jan. 1, 2017 reported vehicle prowls (theft of things left inside your vehicle) is nearly double for the same period in 2016. Many of these prowls are taking place in our business areas where consumers are leaving valuables on the seats and in visible areas of their vehicles while they grocery shop or meet friends for coffee.

With City police staffing cuts and dispatch policy revisions, residents need to be extra vigilant in protecting their property. It is not practical nor reasonable to depend on police or security to protect your personal property. It is incumbent on all of us to take measures to protect our property by simply removing it from the vehicle each and every time we leave it. 

Every time you leave your vehicle, whether you are grocery shopping, recreating, at a medical appointment or for any other reason, you need to consider what you are leaving in your vehicle as a potential target to thieves. 

How can you fight back?

  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your car… credit cards, checkbooks, jewelry, bank & ATM statements, wallets/purses, keys (even if they aren’t for that vehicle), mail, vehicle title, garage door openers, CDs & portable CD players, cell phones and day planners
  • Report suspicious people and activity immediately to police using 911 – do not underestimate the importance of simply reporting suspicious activity
  • Install a vehicle alarm system
  • Install and USE removable stereo/electronic equipment