Upcoming Road Resurfacing

A section of University Place roads will be resurfaced during the last week of July through the first week of August, including most roads from Elwood to Bridgeport, between 27th Street West and 35th Street West, weather permitting. The project will take two days within the first week for chipsealing and two days within the second week for fog sealing. During that time, these roads will still be accessible, with flaggers in place to direct traffic.

Why do we chipseal?

By resurfacing the roadway, we can extend its life and reduce maintenance costs. Chipsealing is a cost-effective surface treatment that typically extends the life of the pavement by seven to 10 years and reduces maintenance costs. In the process of chipsealing, a thin film of liquid asphalt is sprayed on the road surface and small aggregate chips are spread over the asphalt.

The chips are compacted to help them adhere and the excess stone is swept away. To keep out water and to improve rock retention, about a week later, a final application of liquid asphalt, called a fog seal, is sprayed over surface of the road.

Roads will typically remain open for local traffic during chipsealing and fog sealing. Signs will be put up along a road about 24 hours before the work is scheduled to begin. Vehicles, however, need to be out of the way while the crew is actively applying the chip and fog seals in front of your residence.

How you can help?

If a road near your home is going to be chip or fog sealed, you can help us in the following ways:

  • On-road parking will be prohibited on your road during the work. Please find alternative parking if needed.
  • Remove any personal items from the roadway, such as basketball hoops and garbage cans.
  • Keep water from running into the roadway during the work. Examples include washing your car and watering your yard.
  • Be cautious. Please limit pedestrian activity near the work area.

Door hangers with more info have been placed on homes which will be impacted by the resurfacing project. For further information, check out the project map at www.CityofUP.com or call 253.460.6493.

University Place Chip Seal Map