Final Shoreline Master Program

The City of University Place has completed its Shoreline Master Program Update. During 2014-2015 the Washington State Department of Ecology reviewed the City’s locally adopted SMP (October 21, 2013) and determined that a number of changes were needed to ensure full compliance with Shoreline Management Act and Ecology’s SMP Guidelines. To view documentation regarding Ecology’s review and recommendations, click on the following links:

Director of Ecology’s Conditional Approval Letter to Mayor McCluskey, dated January 7, 2015
Ecology Attachment A: Findings and Conclusions
Ecology Attachment B: Required Changes
Ecology Exhibit B-1 to Attachment B: Required Changes
Ecology Attachment C: Recommended Changes
Ecology Attachment D: Responsiveness Summary

In response to Ecology direction, the City Council adopted a revised SMP, which incorporated all required and recommended changes, pursuant to Ordinance No. 652, on March 16, 2015. Click here to view the adopted SMP. Ecology announced its final approval of the City's SMP on April 3, 2015.