Housing Choice Project

On September 28, 2009, the City Council adopted a set of zoning amendments that will offer the City's residents a wider variety of housing options in the future.

To view the design standards and guidelines that were enacted to govern "small lot" subdivisions, multi-family developments, and residential streetscapes in the community, please click on the following links:

Ordinance No. 559 Chapter 19.53 Exhibit A - Small Lot and Multifamily Design Standards and Guidelines - Effective 10/05/2009

Ordinance No. 559 Chapter 19.54 Exhibit B - Streetscape Elements Design Standards and Guidelines - Amended 02/08/2010

To view the zoning code amendments that were adopted to support housing options, please click on the following link:
Title 19 Housing Choice Amendments Ordinance No. 559

For information on housing choice program recommendations, please click on the following link:
Housing Choice Program Recommendation Report

What is Cottage Housing?

Cottage housing is characterized by small, detached single-family homes (less than 1,500 square feet) with garages and parking typically located away from the homes. Interaction with neighbors is fostered through pedestrian-oriented design, large front porches, common open space and shared community buildings. The smaller home sizes attract those who want to own a detached home, but don't necessarily want all the space that comes with a larger home in a typical subdivision. Cottage housing offers a home ownership option that responds to Washington's changing demographics and preferences of smaller families, young professionals, singles, and empty nesters.

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