Green UP Sustainability Advisory Committee

In 2010, the City partnered with the Fire, Library, and School districts and formed a Sustainability Advisory Committee to develop a sustainability plan for University Place. The Committee reviewed a number of sustainability plans from around Washington State, researched sustainable practices, heard a presentation from a Cascade Land Conservancy expert, and discussed how to use best practice research for a plan that would fit University Place.

Ultimately, the Committee identified five focus areas, each with sub-goals, and developed three recommendations for the City, Fire, Library, and School. The resulting document, titled Community of University Place Vision for Sustainability is being presented for adoption by each of the four public agencies.

By committing to a common set of goals and working together, UP government agencies, businesses, and residents will make a significant impact on the community's sustainability and ensure that University Place is a great place to live, work, shop, and play for generations to come!

Focus Areas

Focus Area 1 – Energy
Goal 1-1: Reduce Net Energy Consumption
Goal 1-2: Increase Renewable Energy & Other Efficient Technology Use

Focus Area 2 – Environmental Health & Natural Resources
Goal 2-1: Reduce Net Solid Waste Output
Goal 2-2: Preserve or Increase Parks & Open Space
Goal 2-3: Decrease Pollution
Goal 2-4: Use Water Responsibly

Focus Area 3 – Transportation
Goal 3-1: Increase Safety & Efficiency of Non-motorized Transportation
Goal 3-2: Decrease Net Gasoline Consumption
Goal 3-3: Increase Connections to Regional Transit
Goal 3-4: Provide Efficient Consumer Access to Businesses

Focus Area 4 – Community Vitality
Goal 4-1: Encourage Responsible Urban Design
Goal 4-2: Support the Local Economy
Goal 4-3: Promote Civic Engagement
Goal 4-4: Provide Activities for Families, Youth, and Seniors

Focus Area 5 – Education & Outreach
Goal 5-1: Increase Green UP Awareness
Goal 5-2: Implement Community wide Sustainability Plan

Recommendations to the City, Fire, Library, and School

1. Adopt the Community of University Place Vision, including the common set of focus areas and goals.
2. Appoint a liaison/coordinator to serve as the organization's point of contact for the Green UP Initiative and to provide information for the Annual Report.
3. Commit to jointly publish an Annual Sustainability Report to provide a public update of the progress being made at the City, Fire, Library and School in each focus area, and to provide information on community wide and business progress.