The City of University Place offers residents the highest level of service possible with the available resources. Since incorporation, the City has provided services to citizens through one of two ways: 1) directly from the City, or 2) by contracting with another service provider. By providing a combination in-house services and services through contracting, the City is able to take advantage of both types of service provision and offer residents the most bang for their buck.

Street maintenance, park maintenance, administrative functions, engineering and development services, are just a few of the services the City provides directly. In general, the City evaluates whether it can provide the desired or required service level more efficiently than outside providers. There are a variety of reasons the City is able to provide some services more efficiently than other providers. For example, state and federal mandates make the provision of some services unprofitable, while for others, the fact that the City does not need to make a profit on services that keeps costs low.

In some cases, however, the City contracts with other providers in order to provide residents quality services at a lower cost than the City could offer directly. For example, the City contracts with the Pierce County Sheriff Department for police services. The partnership provides a high quality police force without incurring the overhead costs of starting and operating an independent police department. It is a win-win for City residents and the County.

Regardless of how they are provided, the City is committed to continuing to provide residents with the highest level of services possible with the funding available. If you have any questions about services, please contact the appropriate department or City Hall for more information.