Public Works

The mission of the Maintenance & Operations Division is to protect and maintain the City's infrastructure and assets, including all public rights-of-way. This division ensures the safe and efficient functionality of our 208 lane miles of streets, 23 miles of sidewalks, 3,660 storm drainage structures, 1,100 streetlights, and 119 acres of parks and open spaces.


Gary Cooper Public Works, Parks & Facilities Director 253.460.6494
Debra Kelly-Sage Operations & Facilities Manager 253.460.6493
Kevin Schmidt Crew Chief 253.460.6496
Tony West Parks Maintenance Supervisor 253.460.6493
Chris Driscoll Parks Maintenance Technician II 253.460.6493
Susie Haney Parks Maintenance Technician II 253.460.6493
Brett Gaiser Maintenance Worker III 253.460.6496
Chris Johnson Maintenance Worker III 253.460.6496
Orrin Larsen Maintenance Worker III 253.460.6496
Jackson Guzzo Maintenance Worker II 253.460.6496
Guillermo Ramirez Maintenance Worker II 253.460.6496
Shane Conley Maintenance Worker I 253.460.6496
Nate Burlingame Maintenance Worker I 253.460.6496


University Place Public Works
4951 Grandview Drive West
University Place WA 98467


Adopt-A-Street Program