Notice of Appointment for Council Member Pro Tempore Position #4 - Updated 8/19/19

The City of University Place is seeking an applicant to fill Council Member Pro Tempore Position #4. This seat represents the entire City of University Place. Application materials may be found below or packets may be obtained from City Hall located at 3609 Market Place W., Suite 200.   

Application Materials (downloadable)

Qualifications for Office and Responsibilities of City Council
State law requires citizens seeking appointment be a registered voter and resident of the City for at least one year prior to the appointment (RCW 35A.12.030).

“In the event of the extended excused absence or disability of a council member, the remaining members by majority vote may appointment a council member pro tempore to serve during the absence or disability.” RCW 35A.12.065 and RCW 35A.13.020. Thus, the duration of the appointment lasts until the excused council member signals their intent to again participate in Council affairs or their current tenure/term expires. 

City Council is responsible for establishing policies by enacting ordinances and resolutions that reflect the needs of the community. Council adopts the City budget, approves appropriations and contracts in the City’s name, levies taxes and enacts franchises. City Council meets regularly the first and third Monday of each month. Council Members are expected to attend all meetings, occasional weekend retreats, community outreach visits, and potential participation on local, regional and State committees.

Pursuant to University Place Municipal Code 3.20.040-Cost of living adjustments for Council Members, states that effective January 1, 2012, the salary for a Council Member shall be $1,408 per month. 

Position Application Requirements
Successful candidates for this appointment will ensure that their application materials are complete and signed. Candidates may supply a resume and additional pages to answer the packet questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Candidates for the appointment shall be readily available for any and all interviews, meetings and public appearances required by Council through the appointment process. 

Appointment Timeline
Tuesday, August 6:      
The appointment application process is noticed, open and posted up to 4:00 p.m. on August 19.

Monday, August 19:     
The appointment application process closes at 4:00 p.m. Council will review all completed and timely applications. Council may recess to an Executive Session during its Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the merits and qualifications of each candidate. Council will then, in an open public meeting, determine the number of candidates, and which ones specifically, that will be invited back for an interview presentation to Council. - APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Tuesday, September 9: 
Candidates invited by Council shall participate in an interview presentation that will include a question and answer period by Council. Council may then narrow the candidate pool to the top two candidates.

Monday, September 16:
Council Member Pro Tempore appointment to Position #4.