A Message from Mayor Caroline Belleci

These are difficult days, indeed. Yet amid the challenges, I continue to be inspired by the ways in which the people of University Place are demonstrating the true meaning of community. I have watched as citizens have made the extra effort to ensure that our elderly residents and those in need are being taken care of, whether it's bringing them groceries, getting medications refilled or simply calling to see how they are doing. I have always been impressed how Americans come together during difficult situations and take care of their communities and this situation is no different. Thank you U.P. for stepping UP.

I have watched as people have rallied around our restaurants, taking advantage of their “to-go” offerings in an effort to keep them in business. Our business community is largely mom-and-pop businesses and your support now and in the future is critical for their survival. Thank you!

I have watched as City staff have found ways to continue to serve our community while working remotely, or taking shifts to go into the office while not violating the social distancing directive. This situation has placed another element of work on the staff and they have stepped up and put their emergency training to use. Things change on an hourly basis, yet they have managed to make the transitions seem effortless. Thank you to all the U.P. staff.

Amid all this uncertainty, one thing is certain: this will end. We don’t yet know when, but it will end. And when it does, it will be up to us, the community of University Place, to do the hard work to help our businesses get back on their feet and to continue to look out for our neighbors. Never before will the term “shop local” and “community” mean more.

I urge you to continue to check the City’s website frequently for the best source of information on what is happening here in University Place and in Washington. In the meantime, please continue to follow the instructions of the CDC and our state and local Departments of Health. Stay safe and stay well.