Mayor Figueroa's End of Term Closing Remarks

City of University Place, WA
January 2, 2018

Looking back at the last two years, we have been an amazing team as a Council. Each Council Member provided vision and direction towards accomplishing our council goals.

Mayor Pro Tem Keel, thank you for your part in the leadership team—you’re a great sounding board, a person that listens, always providing positive feedback and keeping the agenda moving forward towards success. I also want to thank Council Member Caroline Belleci for her leadership role as the council’s Finance Chair for the past two years.

Our Council success can be contributed to our commissioners—community members that volunteer their time to advise our Council on planning, parks & recreation, public safety and economic development.

A community sense of “our town…our home” is only achieved through our community groups, such as UP for Art, the Curran Orchard Resource Enthusiasts, Teddy Bear Picnic, Dance Theater NW and many others that made University Place feel like home.

The glue that keeps everything together to ensure the longevity of our success is the city's administration—led by our city manager Steve Sugg. Thank you for your leadership as our chief executive officer—thank all of your staff for their tireless effort to go the extra mile to have our citizens feel valued and proud of U.P.

Special thanks to Chief Mike Blair and his deputies for keeping our community safe.

So you can see why I say, this has been two years we should all be proud of and why I’m confident the next two years our new leadership team will take us even further.

I’m proud to have served our council, the administration and our community as your mayor. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our success.

Javier H. Figueroa, Mayor 2016-2017