How Can I Protect My Property Against Burglary?

Your University Place Police team have seen a concerning slight upward burglary trend to date in 2018. It is important for neighbors to safeguard their homes and their neighborhoods.

Burglary in UP   
March 2017 YTD  -  28
March 2018 YTD  -  43
What can you do? You can become empowered by increasing your personal awareness, apply good prevention strategies and report all suspicious activity by dialing 911. Behavior Recognition is everyone’s responsibility.

Many folks are not aware that MOST burglaries occur during the daytime. Burglars will often go door to door asking random questions like “Can you tell me how to get to Curtis Junior High School” or offer to clean gutters. It is important for neighbors to use good common sense and when they get that uneasy feeling about a person in their neighborhood, take the time to report it to authorities. If you feel that a speedy response will make a difference, dial 911. All other reports can go to the 24 hour non-emergency number: 253.798.4722.

Nobody knows your neighborhood better than you do. Don’t assume that police know about the issue. It is your neighborhood; you have an obligation to your neighbors to keep it safe. Don’t talk yourself out of an “uneasy feeling.” Your police team relies on those reports to partner with you to solve crime

In addition to reporting suspicious activity to authorities, neighbors can also increase safety by informing one another of suspicious circumstances, keeping an eye on each other and working together to prevent crime. Neighbors can learn more about how to do this by hosting a neighborhood / police meeting by calling Jennifer Hales at 253.798.3141.  Your University Place Police team is eager to help you gain a better understanding of crime in your neighborhood, crime in your City and how we can work together to continue to make University Place one of the safest and most livable communities around.

Door to Door sales in University Place

Do Solicitors/Peddlers in University Place need to be licensed?

Yes. Solicitation businesses must complete a solicitor license application and submit to the City. The permit is reviewed by various City Department Heads, including the Chief of Police. Additionally, an individual solicitor must receive a background check and approval of the Police Chief.
Are ALL representatives of a soliciting entity required to carry a license?

Yes. All solicitors are required to carry the license on their person while soliciting. It is good practice to ask to see this license and if there is no proof of a license neighbors can report activity to police by calling non-emergency at 253.798.4722 (24 hours). Your police team has an interest in people disguising themselves as door to door salespeople. There are many legitimate vendors that use this method to sell things and there are many who simply use it as a cover and mean to do you harm. Plain and simple, if they don’t have a license, we want to know about it.
Are there lawful times for a person to peddle and solicit?

October 1 through April 30 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. of any day
May 1 through September 30 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. of any day
If you are getting people at your door outside of these time frames please report it to non-emergency (24 hours) at 253.798.4722.