Fall for Flowers

Avid gardeners know that for vibrant, thriving gardens in the spring, you need to “fall into action.” As part of the City of U.P.’s on-going beautification efforts, residents are encouraged to participate in the annual Patrons of Beautification campaign so that volunteers can do important fall gardening and planting that will ensure a colorful spring in University Place.

Over the years, donations to Patrons of Beautification have totaled more than $50,000 and have helped fund city-wide plantings of more than 75,000 flower bulbs that make U.P.’s roundabouts, parks and street corners come alive with color. In addition, community contributions have also funded trash receptacles and bike racks.

For those who think these efforts are “just for show,” consider this impressive collection of research by the nonprofit organization Project EverGreen: 

  • There is a significant link between the value of a property and its proximity to parks, greenbelts and other green spaces. Studies of three neighborhoods in Boulder, Colo. indicated that property values decreased by $4.20 for each foot away from a greenbelt.
  • Studies by the University of Washington stated that drivers indicated it was easier to locate roadside businesses when they were framed by trees and vegetation.
  • Greening of business districts creates a positive perception of an area, drawing customers who studies reveal would be willing to pay, on average, a 12 percent premium for goods purchased in retail establishments that are accompanied by quality landscaping.
  • Employees with an outside view of plants experience less job pressure, greater job satisfaction and enjoy a sense of rest that can increase productivity.
  • Trees and flowers protect our waters. The crown of a large tree is a freestanding anti-flood reservoir, in some cases intercepting so much rainfall that more than 1,500 gallons a year evaporates instead of running off into storm drains.

Patrons of Beautification take donations of any amount. In fact, just one dollar will buy two flower bulbs. If you can help with a dollar—or more—please visit the City’s website, www.CityofUP.com and download the Patrons of Beautification form to mail in your contribution.