Energy & Sustainability

Solar Power
The City's 4.8 kW solar panel array on the Civic-Library Building is now operational! The grant funded project is a great example of the City's commitment to continue working on Council’s 2011-2012 goal to encourage “education, participation, and support for sustainable practices” through the Green UP Initiative. For real time energy production data see below and follow the link for details.
Help improve University Place with the Green UP Initiative!
The City launched the Green UP Initiative to organize the effort to increase sustainable practices in University Place. The City itself continues to search for ways to improve its organizational practices, such as distributing documents electronically to cut down printing and installing energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling system, and other products in City buildings. In fact, the City has been adopting sustainable policies and implementing sustainable practices for years, including the installation of safe, energy saving roundabouts and codes that provide for sidewalks and green spaces. These policies and practices have helped UP become the community it is today.

However, City government represents only a small fraction of the total energy use, waste production, and other impacts on the community's natural environment. That is why we need YOU to continue to work on improving sustainability at home and at work too. Individually, we can make a small impact, but together, we will make a significant impact and help shape a clean, healthy, friendly University Place for future residents, businesses, and visitors!

What is "sustainability"?
Sustainable practices are those that "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In other words, sustainability means taking responsibility for our actions. This includes adopting responsible economic, social, and environmental practices that set ourselves and our community up for a bright future.

What is the "Green UP Initiative"?
Green UP is a commitment and collaborative effort by local organizations to become more sustainable and encourage sustainable practices throughout the community.

Who is involved in Green UP?
The City and Library, and the Fire and School Districts have been working with a group of local business and resident stakeholders to develop a shared set of focus areas and goals for the initiative. Meanwhile, each department has already started implementing sustainable practices internally. The City has also been encouraging sustainable practices community wide through a variety of avenues, such as rain garden workshops, green tips in the newsletter, and more.

The Sustainability Advisory Committee was created to develop a community wide sustainability plan and recommendations for implementations. For more information on the Vision the group developed and their recommendations click Green UP Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Green UP Information & Resources
Public Agencies
Green UP Resolution - City's commitment to Green UP partnership with Fire and School Districts. The Library has since joined as well.
Cascade Agenda Cities - Group that assists members, such as the City, by providing sustainability resources, best practices, and support.
Solar Panel Project - Brief overview of the City's grant funded 2011 solar panel project for the energy efficient Civic Building.
Energy Conservation Assistance - Tacoma Power provides resources and assistance to help businesses increase energy efficiency.
Reycling Assistance - Pierce County Solid Waste Division offers wast audits and recycling advice and assistance for businesses.
Recycling Locations - Traying to find where to recycle a specific item? This Pierce County Solid Waste Division Website helps you locate a place to responsibly dispose of a large variety of items.
Energy Conservation - Tacoma Power resources to help you save money and become more energy effcient at home.
Wood Smoke Pollution - Wood smoke is one of the leading causes of air pollution in Pierce County.
Earth Matters Newsletter - This Pierce County Solid Waste Division newsletter provides a wide range of environmental news, including information about recycling locations, upcoming classes (such as worm bins or composting) and much more.
Puget Sound Starts Here - A regional partnership dedicated to improving water quality, learn what you can do to help keep our lates, rivers and the Puget Sound clean.
If you are interested in learning more about Green UP and helping ensure a bright future for University Place, please contact City Hall at 253.566.5656.