Don't Drip and Drive

Did you know that vehicles drip an estimated seven million quarts of vehicle fluids, including motor oil, fuel, lubricants and more, into the Puget Sound watershed each year?

Each time it rains, the petroleum products that drip from our cars and are left behind on our roadways get carried into our waterways to rivers, streams, lakes and eventually to Puget Sound, harming wildlife and habitats in the process.

Don’t Drip and Drive is a regional campaign funded by grants from the Washington State Department of Ecology to encourage drivers to regularly check their vehicles for leaks, whether on their own or at a contributing partner repair shop. Regular inspections identify important cost-saving preventative maintenance while also protecting the quality of our local waterways for future generations.

Three University Place repair shops have agreed to participate in the Don’t Drip and Drive program by offering free visual leak inspections to drivers. They are: Air Import Repairs (8016 27th Street West), McCabe's Automotive (3147 Bridgeport Way West) and Meineke Car Care (2701 Bridgeport Way West).

For those who prefer to identify leaks on their own, Don’t Drip and Drive suggests placing a 3-by-6 foot piece of cardboard on the ground under your car’s engine after your car has been driven at least 15 minutes. After the engine has been off for about 20 minutes, pull the cardboard out to see if there are any drip spots. If so, the car should be serviced to fix the leak.

“If residents have a vehicle that is leaving drip puddles, they should soak up any leaks with kitty litter and then sweep it up and put it in the trash,” said Todd Smith, the City of U.P.’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Coordinator. “It is illegal to discharge pollutants to storm drains and residents should report illegal dumping to me immediately.”

Contact Todd Smith at 253.460.5432 or email him at For more information, visit