Dazed and Amused

Duck Daze is Around the Corner

University Place will hold its 17th Annual Duck Daze Parade on June 3, beginning at the corner of 27th Street and Bridgeport Way. The procession will continue south to 37th Street before ending at Market Square. As is the tradition, community groups, organizations and businesses are encouraged to participate in the event to demonstrate their “Pride in Place – University Place.”  

The ongoing improvements along Bridgeport Way and other streets in U.P. are a timely reminder of the parade's genesis, since the event began as a grassroots effort led by two local business and civic leaders, Dixie Harris of Team Insurance Inc., and Terry Reim, to celebrate many of the road improvements taking place in U.P. following the City's incorporation in 1995.

Although Terry Reim has since passed away, his contributions to the Duck Parade are immortalized by the public art installation of ducks (officially known as "One Step Ahead") in Market Square. Harris, however, continues to be involved by actively marching in the Duck Daze parade along with her co-workers at Team Insurance.

She says the parade is a great way for businesses and other groups to support the community and to improve their visibility. By marching with banners that showcase their logos, these groups demonstrate that they are part of the fabric of the local community.

Today, Harris likes to joke that the first parade had more people in it than watching it. But things have definitely changed over the last 17 years. "There are now a lot more people--thousands--watching and they are not only from U.P. The parade draws people from all over," she said. 

If your group would like to participate in the 2017 Duck Daze Parade, pre-registration is required and must be received by 4 p.m. on May 19, 2017. For more information about the event visit the Duck Daze page on our website!

2017 Duck Daze Registration Packet