Code Enforcement

If you believe you have a code enforcement issue, such as junk vehicles and/or abandoned cars on private property or other nuisance issues as defined in UPMC (University Place Municipal Code) 9.35, call 253.460.2548.
For junk or abandoned vehicles in the City Right-of-Way please call 253.798.4721.
Barking dogs are not a code issue, please see the Animal Control section for how to report this. 
Residents may also complete the code enforcement complaint form. In most cases this form must be completed prior to investigation. Be sure to leave contact information for follow-up.
Please email the completed form to or mail it to:
University Place City Hall
Attn: Planning & Development Services
3609 Market Place W, Suite 200
University Place, WA 98446
For more information or help, contact the Code Enforcement officer directly at 253.460.2548.
Please note that the City addresses code enforcement issues depending on life, health and safety concerns and staffing availability.