City Council

University Place is governed by a COUNCIL/MANAGER form of government. Each council member is directly elected by the citizens of University Place to serve a four-year term. Elections are held every two years and alternate between the seven-member council. The Mayor is elected by the Council from among its members for a two year term and presides at City Council meetings.

The City Council establishes policy by enacting ordinances and resolutions determined to reflect the needs of the community. The Council appoints the City Manager, adopts the City budget, approves appropriations and contracts in the City's name, levies taxes, and enacts franchises.

Working closely with the Council are several Commissions and the City Manager. The Commissions, comprised of citizen volunteers, advise the City Council. The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, serves as the chief executive officer of the City, managing daily business by directing the work of the City Staff and enforcing the City’s laws.

Position Name Title Term Expires Contact  
#7 Caroline Belleci Mayor 2023 253.878.8040 Biography
#3 Steve Worthington Mayor Pro Tem 2021 253.565.4855 Biography
#1 Javier Figueroa Council Member 2021 253.682.7379 Biography
#2 Kent Keel Council Member 2023 253.878.8041 Biography
#4 Ken Grassi Council Member 2021 253.278.1946 Biography
#4 Howard Lee Council Member Pro Tem   253.320.1274 Biography
#5 Denise McCluskey Council Member 2021 253.878.8039 Biography
#6 Stan Flemming Council Member 2023 253.566.5656 Biography


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