Chief's Corner

There is no better way to spoil a visit to one of U.P.’s parks than to come back to your car only to find that it has been broken into.
To help visitors prevent theft from their vehicles while they are enjoying the City’s parks, members of the U.P. Police Department have been visiting local parks on weekends and at peak trail use times to distribute brochures with tips and information on how to prevent car prowling.
Officers report that the easiest and most popular items for thieves to grab quickly are:

  • Cell Phones
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Purses/Wallet Bags/Backpacks/Duffle Bags
  • Shopping Bags/Merchandise
  • Tools
  • Laptops/Tablets
  • Mail /Paperwork
  • Garage Door Openers

Even locked cars are vulnerable, since thieves can smash a window in seconds and grab items. “Residents may recall that last fall prowlers broke car windows at Chambers Bay Regional Park and used stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards totaling more than $14,000,” said U.P. Police Chief Greg Premo. “But it is also important to know that vehicle break-ins can lead to other crimes such as fraud and identity theft, especially when thieves grab mail that contains personal information.”

The Police Department recommends that park visitors secure their personal items before they leave home, since thieves often stake out parking lots and watch people transfer items to glove boxes, center consoles and under car seats.

“Whether you are leaving your car at a park, a shopping center or even in your own driveway, make sure all valuables are out of site. And always lock your vehicle,” Premo stresses.

The U.P. Police Department reminds the public to report all suspicious behavior. If a timely response will make a difference in the outcome, dial 911. For ALL other reports, call the 24 hour non-emergency line at 253.798.4721.