Chief’s Corner: Facts vs. Rumors By Chief of Police Greg Premo

For this installment of my Chief’s Corner, I would like to provide an update on current crime statistics in our community. As John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things. Yet even when crime stats show low numbers, individual perceptions of safety may be different, especially for those who are victims of crime. And as I have discussed before, when people hear of incidents through social media, it often magnifies the perception of a “crime problem.”

I have compiled stats on many of the major crime categories for a year-over-year comparison from 2018 to 2019 (for the period of January through October). You will find that our numbers in several categories have actually decreased, yet our calls for service have increased and the types of calls are more time consuming. Although our numbers for robbery and burglary are higher, we’ve also seen our proactive policing efforts pay off, with a significant increase in the number of warrant arrests we’ve made.

As has been the case for many years, our highest crime rate involves vehicle prowls. This is an area where we are working hard to inform people about what they can do to decrease their risk of being a victim. Download our brochure on preventing vehicle prowls now to learn more. If you have nice things in your vehicle, you are inviting trouble. So…when in doubt, take it out.

As more and more people discover all the great shopping and activities our city offers, it puts a greater demand on our public safety services and can sometimes create more opportunities for crime. Yet we remain committed to maintaining U.P.’s reputation as a safe, welcoming city and a great Place to live for our 33,000 citizens.

If you have any questions about our crime stats—including data on our last four years if you’d like to dig into more detail—please feel free to contact me directly. I’m happy to dispel misconceptions and discuss ways we can work together to keep our community safe.