Business Licensing

The business licensing division administers the City's business licensing program. This program has been implemented to help identify establishments doing business in the city. Through economic development efforts, the business licensing program assists current business owners to better determine ways of enhancing economic development within University Place.

Licenses are processed for general, home occupation, non-profit and other exempt businesses, as well as for peddlers, solicitors, and businesses requesting liquor licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Licensing Office

City Clerk's Office 253.566.5656


Business License Required
The City Council approved a Business License requirement on November 18, 2002, following a Public Hearing, and upon recommendation from the City's Economic Development Task Force. Effective January 1, 2003, businesses operating within the City of University Place, including Home Occupation businesses, are required to obtain a City of University Place Business License.
To determine if your business is exempt from the City's business licensing requirements, review these business licensing Exemptions.
New Licenses
To obtain a City of University Place business license, apply through the State of Washington Business Licensing Service (BLS). The City of University Place has contracted with the Washington State Department of Revenue to provide business registration services. Businesses are able to apply for a City of University Place Business License when they apply with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service for a Unified Business Identification number (UBI).
To apply online when you already have State Business License (UBI) and only need to add the City of University Place Business License, visit the BLS City and County Licenses page.

License Fees
City Fees
For businesses that do not currently have a City of University Place business license, the City's Origination fee is $50.00.

The City's renewal fees are $50.00 for General businesses and $25.00 for Home Occupation businesses which are physically located within the University Place city limits. 

All checks are to be made payable to the Department of Revenue (DOR) and must include both the City and State fees.

State Fees
For State fees visit the Variable Business License Fees page.

License Term/Renewals
Licenses will be effective for one year from the date of issuance. Business Licensing Service will send you a renewal notice approximately 45 days before your license expires, and you should receive your license approximately 14 days after you complete the renewal process. Failure to pay license fees by the due date will result in penalty fees being assessed (see Ordinances 575). Renew online using My DOR.
Please continue to comply with State licensing requirements and use the University Place sales tax location code 2719 on your excise tax return form.

Questions - Contact the State of Washington Business Licensing Service by calling 360.705.6741 or visit their website.

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