Active Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvements Projects
It is the job of the Engineering Department to coordinate the improvement of local streets and sidewalks. The improvements enhance safety and increase quality of life in the University Place community.
Street projects are prioritized according to safety and are listed in the 6 year Transportation Improvement Plan approved by the City Council; state and/or Federal grant funding sometimes makes it possible for these projects to be constructed ahead of schedule.
Current projects are listed below.

Larson Lane Phase 1
Construction of the Larson Lane Phase 1 project is underway. The project includes construction of approximately 400 lineal feet of new roadway with grading, paving, water main, storm drainage improvements, street lighting, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. The project location is from an intersection with Bridgeport Way West north of 37th Street West to the Briarview Apartments entrance.
Completion is anticipates in June 2017.
54th Street West Roadway Improvements 
Construction of the 54th Street West Roadway Improvements project is currently underway. Improvements include construction of new sidewalks, bike lane, and streetlights along the north side of 54th Street between 79th and 83rd Avenues. Existing ramps will be upgraded to current ADA standards along the existing sidewalk between Drum Road and 79th Avenue. Two new speed radar feedback signs will also be installed to further improve pedestrian safety.
Completion is anticipated in August 2017.