2017 Update on Chambers Creek Canyon Trail

In 2017 the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail partner agencies, University Place, Lakewood and Pierce County received the Preliminary Design Report for the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail produced by Bruce Dees and Associates with assistance from Berger ABAM. The work

conducted to produce the report included: analyzing the proposed trail alignment originally mapped by the partner agencies, recommending trail alignment revisions to avoid steep slopes and environmentally sensitive areas; preliminary trail and boardwalk design cross sections and details, locating potential bridge locations; preliminary bridge designs; locating and designing trailheads, estimating costs and developing a phasing plan.

The first phase of trail improvements will be between the Chambers Creek Road Trailhead in University Place and the Phillips Road Trailhead in Lakewood. The improvements in this phase include maintenance of two existing unconnected trails, the existing trail between Chambers Creek Road and Chambers Creek and the existing trail between Phillips Road and Chambers Creek. To connect the two trails, the partner agencies with Pierce County in the lead applied for a grant from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board’s Recreational Trails Program for a pedestrian bridge over Chambers Creek. The proposed bridge will be a 150’ clear span to clear the creek and 100 year floodplain. The trailheads on Chambers Creek Road and at the end of Phillips Road will be improved to provide parking, informational kiosk and waste receptacles.

On Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 Washington Trails Association volunteers led by Alan Mortimer did an awesome job of clearing and improving the two existing trails from the roads down to Chambers Creek. I should know, my son and I joined the Saturday work party on the Phillips Road to Chambers Creek trail segment.

On Tuesday, July 25 Alan sent this update. 

“Just a real quick update on our work parties on existing trails in Chambers Creek Canyon near Kobayashi Park last Friday and Saturday. Both days went well. Friday we worked on the University Place side and did a lot of brushing and some drainage work. Completed that work on Friday so on Saturday we worked on the Lakewood side from Phillips Road. Again concentrated on brushing out the trail corridor and doing some drainage work coming down the hill. We had about 20 volunteers each day and many expressed interest in working more at Chambers Creek Canyon. Overall I would say it was a successful effort.  Thanks, Alan.”

More work parties will be scheduled to improve existing trail segments and in later phases to build new trail segments.

Check out photos from the event!

Contact: David Swindale, Director, Planning & Development Services, City of University Place, dswindale@CityofUP.com.